The Program

The In Search of Me Café Program features a unique content delivery system that combines education and entertainment in a media-rich, peer-to-peer, social networking environment that:

incorporates the various ways teens learn by providing interactive, multi-media content to enhance the learning experience

features a contemporary user interface steeped in the design and functionality of Web 2.0, social networking and mobile communications

delivers content that is developed from among the most recognized experts in the self-help and educational fields.

This content is being developed in several ways:
– create and produce original content to augment what is currently available in the
– translate and re-purpose existing materials in order to appeal to a younger audience
link and/or license the use of existing, age-appropriate content and performances from leading authors, educators, speakers, and entertainers

Topics, based on research with teens and the expertise of our Advisory Council, include:

Bullying, Underage Drinking, Peer Pressure, Substance Abuse, Self Esteem, Dating/Sex, Violence, Environment, Careers, Health/Nutrition, and others.

Programs consist of ‘heads-up’ learning based on interactive, self-help content featured on the In Search of Me Café website. This content is delivered utilizing peer-to-peer communication through interactive video, graphics, text and links. Unique features include virtual educational content, video documentation, and interactive, social media response channels. Our Programs include:

Online Programs (in-home, mobile devices)

After School Curriculum (character-building organizations)

Classroom Curriculum (schools, learning centers)

Community Curriculum (public libraries, community centers)

Global Outreach (continually spreading our reach beyond the USA)