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Your support makes it possible for In Search of Me Café to help young people around the world live more productive lives.

In Search of Me Café is revolutionizing the way positive life skill and self-help information is made available to youth ages 13-19. The program features a unique content delivery system that combines education and entertainment in an online, media-rich, peer-to-peer, social networking environment that enhances the learning experience.

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Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 1.41.42 PMIt is our mission to get helpful life skills information to teens so they can become productive members of society. We are committed to bringing about long lasting and meaningful change in the lives of teens and their communities. To better achieve these results, we will:

Track and report program results over time (immediate, medium- and long-term)
Demonstrate demand for, and utilization of, program services provided
Provide information about our mission-related activities over time
Adjust and improve program outcomes based on collected data

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Teens with GUTS logo BUGContinuing this year: you can help us create a new season of our empowerment video series.

The teen years are often the most challenging in life, and occur during the most formative period of development as adolescents grow into adults.

Millions of teens, at some point, experience problems with a variety of life skills issues as they develop. But, this large, highly influencial group is sorely underserved with regard to relevant, effective tools to help them through these challenging times.

In Search of Me Cafe’s “Teens With GUTS” video series will inspire teens to help themselves by illustrating how empowered teens have achieved success. Peers and near-peers share stories in a video series that demonstrate how teens can overcome life’s issues by applying the proven GUTS Formula for success.

The “Teens With GUTS” video series is comprised of 12 episodes, from 3 to 5 minutes in length, each of which features an empowered teen addressing a specific life skills topic area. Here are examples of current episodes:


Our deep experience working with youth, combined with extensive market research, bears out one simple truth: the key to successfully reaching teens is through  peer‐to‐peer communication. This is the cornerstone of the In Search of Me Café Program.

Topics, based on research with teens and the expertise of our Advisory Council, include:

Bullying, Underage Drinking, Peer Pressure, Substance Abuse, Self Esteem, Dating/Sex, Violence, Environment, Careers, Health/Nutrition, and others.

As Social Entrepreneurs, we understand the teen business. As Concerned Communicators, it is our mission to get helpful life skills information to teens so they can become productive members of society.

Join us as we work together to help teens help themselves by creating the next season of “Teens With GUTS.”

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