Our Objectives

The Company focus during the first two years is on operating as a relatively small non-profit organization and growing via strategic partnerships.

We will continue producing compelling life skills content on the website featuring peer-to-peer communication and distributing this content to:
• homes
• schools
• libraries
• character-building organizations
• community centers

Use of Funds: (% of Budget)
In Search of Me, Inc. intends to achieve these objectives with financial support from:
• individual donors
• foundations
• grants from organizations whose purpose is to help youth live more productive lives

In Search of Me, Inc. holds as a prime directive to expand outreach to disadvantaged teens by licensing content for distribution to character-building organizations such as:
• Boys & Girls Clubs          • Communities In Schools          • YMCA
• Rotary International         • Big Brothers Big Sisters           • Scouting Organizations

Adaptation of the In Search of Me Café Program into a curriculum is serving specific communities in the form of brick-and-mortar cafes via strategic partners in the character-building sector. Click here for an update on this exciting initiative.